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Firm Profile

Thompson Engineering is a Mechanical and Electrical Engineering firm based in Denver Colorado with clientele across the country. We design Mechanical, Electrical, Process and Plumbing systems as if they are to be installed in our buildings and with our own money. With this philosophy in mind, we take great care to provide proper designs while considering the financial impact of all decisions for a project.

We take pride in the creativity and quality of our work while being sensitive to schedules and budgets. We provide a professional staff with decades of experience and expertise. Since 2002, when the company was established, we have provided design, construction documents, energy models and investigative reports for the following disciplines: Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Electrical, Process, Commissioning and Plumbing.

Thompson Engineering designs HVAC and Electrical systems with the total project in mind. Standard design practices are followed in our designs but personal experience with specific systems is invaluable. We design systems with maintainability and functionality to avoid negative long term impacts for site personnel.

Functionality is not the only important aspect of Mechanical systems. The negative cosmetic and auditory impacts of must also be considered. With care, these negative impacts can be minimized.

Systems are designed with simplicity in the forefront. Simple systems are still the best and when readily available components are used, they can be replaced or repaired more easily. There are many ways to complicate mechanical systems and in most cases this complexity can be avoided.

Firm Goals

At Thompson Engineering, Inc. our goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality mechanical and plumbing engineering, while remaining focused on the total project. We couple standard design practices with our combined 52 years of experience with specific systems to create the highest level of maintainability and functionality. 

We design our systems with simplicity as a primary goal. This approach enhances ease of access and ensures that components can be quickly replaced or repaired as necessary. Our system design incorporates all aspects of a mechanical system, including the system’s visual and auditory impact on the structure. 

Our team of experts ensure that every detail of each project is attended to and completed according to the agreed upon budget and timeframe.